Tour de France: Stage 4

Forgot to mention!

Very big fan of the Tour de France. Last night was particularly painful to watch during the team time trails for Team CSC. Poor David Zabriskie! When he fell with just over a mile to go, I felt so bad for him. His left side was literally chewed up. I don’t know how he got back up on that bike and rode some more. If that were me, I’d lay there screaming in agony on the pavement until someone came and picked me up. They are tentative reports that he’ll be out for the rest of the race with broken ribs.

Lance recovered the yellow jersey from Zabriskie, who had a two second lead on him. Go Lance! He is sporting the yellow jersey for the 67th time as he heads toward win #7. My only complaint: I could do without the side shots of Sheryl Crow (love ya, mean it, but stop it.. it’s not about HER, it’s about the race).

And who could have the Tour de France without Phil Liggett? Love his voice. So smooth and so.. British! LOL

Tomorrow: Recap of Stage 5

By Michelle

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