Tour de France: Stage 5

Robbie McEwen sprints to win Stage 5. He beat out current Green Jersey wearer Tom Boonen and it was a serious sprint to the end, too. What a finish! McEwen was disqualified on Monday for leaning on Stuart O’Grady, but Stage 5 showed what an incredible sprinter he actually is.

Meanwhile, Lance (do we really need to use his last name?) refused to wear the Yellow Jersey in a show of good faith. He tried to observe the unwritten rule of racing – not wearing the Yellow Jersey because Zabriskie lost it when he crashed. Fellow racers appreciated the gesture, however, race organizers said he WILL wear it or be disqualified for that stage. Lance put the Yellow Jersey on over his Discovery Channel jersey and rode the entire stage.

Lance is still in first and David Zabriskie dropped to 9th after his crash. Lance rival Jan Ullrich is in 14th.

By Michelle

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