Travel Day to NYC

All my bags are packed… I’m ready to go… I’m leaving on a jet plane!

Got everything packed up and ready to go this weekend (I have six pairs of shoes in case you’re wondering). I almost forgot my cocktail dress for the Rita/GH ceremony. That would have been tragic. However, I didn’t forget my Captain America costume though for The Gathering party. 😉 I feel more prepared this year. I packed a large flat rate box, self addressed, and tape. That way I can ship home the books for a lot less than UPS.

Had a very busy weekend of running errands and cleaning house. My sis came over on Sunday to pick up the kiddo – he’s spending the week with her out in East Texas (he and his cousin are a year a part and two peas in a pod). They were very excited to see each other. Wish I’d thought to get a picture of them before they took off. Ah well. We grilled burgers and dogs yesterday and I made mini banana pudding for dessert. We were stuffed and had a nice visit.

One of my errands this weekend was a trip to the bookstore to get a map of New York City. I intend to spend Tuesday as my “tourist” day. The forecast calls for rain, though. I’m packing an umbrella. 😉 I won’t have a lot of time to see everything, but here are the high points: St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Plaza, Empire State Building. I think I can hit all those places in a day, walking. I think. Might be an ambitious walking plan but I’m not scared of that. *grin* I’d really like to get to Ground Zero but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it out that far. Oh, and did I mention I’m staying in Times Square? I’m all tingly just thinking about it. I will have finally made it to Broadway! WHEE!

I will do my best to take lots of pictures and post them on the blog next week. For sure I’ll be on Facebook and Twitter posting updates. At least, I’ve been instructed by the other half to do so. hehe So if you’re on FB/Twitter – watch for my updates! I know you’ll be hanging on to the edge of your seat waiting for them.

I’m so glad I have Clash of Kings to read while at the airport and on the plane. Maybe I can actually finish that book before I get back. It’s a long flight (4 hours) so I’m betting I can.

Have a smashing week everyone!

By Michelle

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