TRS Release Party!

Hey everyone! If you can spare the time, I’m having a release party today from 6 pm to midnight EST! I’ll be giving away copies of my latest release, SEX LUST & MARTINIS as well as posting other tidbits of information. Hope to see you there! Just click here!

I am so glad it’s Friday. I can’t begin to express how glad I am.

For whatever reason, I’ve been extremely exhausted lately. So much so that by 8 pm, I’m ready to go to bed. (That doesn’t bode well for a release party, does it?) Maybe it’s the weather which has been causing allergies. We’re expecting a cold front this weekend with some rain and the cooler temps next week. I really can’t wait for that. It’s still been in the 90s with a hundity of 90 percent. ICK. It’s stiffling. Makes me think I need gills to breath outside. Plus I’ve been feeling really bloated and just fat lately. I think my diet is out of whack or something.

I knocked out two more chapters last night and printed the next three. I have about 100 pages to go and then I’m done with this pass. Then I get to make another pass. Yippee. This weekend is going to be a bust, though, as I won’t have time to do much on the book. Ahh…home renovations are so much fun. 😉

The kiddo has been talking about Halloween for about a month now. He’s been telling me he wants to be the grim reaper. Okay, fine. When it’s time to get a costume, we’ll get it. Just last night at bedtime, he decided he wanted to be King Arthur instead. Which has me scratching my head. Where does he get this stuff? I have no idea. Especially since we haven’t been watching or reading anything Arthurian lately. We usually go shopping the first weekend in October so when that day comes, I guess he’ll decide. Until then, I know you’ll all be in suspense. 😉

Have a terrific weekend!

By Michelle

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