Tuesday Teaser


Becuase I can:

“It is forbidden for him to enter Hell without permission from the Heavens.”
Crap. “Is that why his wings have black feathers?”
“His wings have black feathers?”
“He told me it was a side effect of removing the poison from you and me,” I say.
“He removed poison from us.”
“Yes, by God, he did. Why are you repeating everything I’m saying?”
He leans back heavily and closes his eyes. “Yes, the black feathers are an indication that he not only removed the poison but he will be punished for entering Dante’s Cave. The cave of Hell.”
“No. He can’t be punished. It was because of me he came.”
“Nevertheless, he will be. It cannot be undone.”

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.