#TuesdayTeaser: Book 5 – Her Fierce Knight Sneak Peek


Today’s Tuesday Teaser post is a sneak preview of the fifth and final book in the Realm of Honor series, Her Fierce Knight. This story follows Prince Ainthas and the Elven fire princess, Laerwen. Enjoy!

“Any news on the king’s illness?” she asked.

“No change.” His mouth formed a thin line. She could tell he didn’t like talking about it.

“I’m so sorry, Ainthas.”

“He hasn’t come to again. Sobriel thought for certain she would see him wake if she stayed by his side. Drake had to force her away.” Ainthas kept his gaze on the road ahead. Never looking at her. She could hear the emotion in his voice, knew it troubled him. “I don’t know what’s to become of him. If he doesn’t wake up…”

It was her turn to reach for him. She wrapped her fingers around his wrist, her thumb caressing the soft skin there. “He will.”

Their slow trot came to a halt. He edged his horse closer to hers. When he lifted his eyes to meet her gaze, her stomach fell to her knees. Which was quite a feat while sitting atop a horse. She started to remove her hand but he clamped his other one on top of it. Holding her there. Keeping her pinned.

No, not pinned. Warmth from his skin rippled through her. Her breath hitched when she realized he leaned toward her, his lips parted slightly and his eyes half-lidded.

Oh, gods, he was going to kiss her.

And she was going to let him.

She angled her head to one side as his lips brushed hers, leaving behind a tingling sensation she had never anticipated. It shuddered through her entire body right down to the ends of her toes.

When he started to move away, she knew she couldn’t let him. Her hands came up to his face, pressing against each cheek. She pulled him to her, kissed him with a sort of voraciousness even she didn’t expect or know she possessed. Their mouths collided, lips pressed against lips. Her tongue seeking his. Tasting. Teasing.

His mouth was like a velvet recess made solely for her. He tasted of wild berries and something sweet. Like honeywine. He let her take her time exploring and when he decided he wanted to be in charge, his hands lifted to her face, cupped her cheeks and tilted her head back. To deepen the kiss. To take more pleasure.

Her fingers curled into the silky strands of his hair, twining the locks between her fingers. She couldn’t stop the mewl vibrating through her throat. When his lips wandered from hers, he kissed a trail across her jaw and down her throat. Her head fell back to give him more access.

“I shouldn’t…” His breath was hot on her tingling skin.

“You should.” All thoughts of Randir, her parents, the Fomorians fled her mind. Nothing mattered but the here and now as he kissed her.

“You taste like spun sugar.” His heated words whispered across her skin.

“You taste like wild berries.”

Another kiss landed on her neck under her earlobe. “I wondered what you would taste like.”

“Did you?” Her heart picked up the pace in a wild beat that threatened to drown out any other sounds.

He hmmed against her skin which sent her senses into overdrive. He was simply driving her mad. He had to know that. When he pulled back, she could see the desire reflected in those gorgeous eyes of his. Desire, need, lust. Want. All the same things pounding through her veins.

“I did.” One corner of his mouth lifted in a half-smile. “Now I know.”

“I hope you’re not terribly disappointed.”

“Never, princess.” He lifted her hand to his mouth, kissed her knuckles. “I think you would never disappoint me.”

By Michelle

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