.#TuesdayTeaser: Epic Fantasy, Anyone?

IntheToweroftheWizardKingI’m nearing the completion of edits on the Wizard King book and I’m super excited. I really think you’ll like this book, my friends! It’s full of magic, romance, portals, wizards, bad guys, good guys and lots of secrets!

Here’s the blurb:

Her magic is dormant.

When Aoife Burke rushes home after the unexpected death of her father, she discovers her mother has vanished amidst inexplicable circumstances. She returns to her childhood home to search for clues of her mother’s whereabouts but another shock awaits her. Sean O’Connell, the object of her girlhood crush, has purchased the family home. She senses Sean is hiding something from her, refuses to let her inside and does everything he can to keep her out. A determined Aoife breaks inside and stumbles upon an antique trunk in the attic. When she opens it, instead of the normal musty clothes and ancient letters, she finds a stairway leading into darkness. It calls to her and she cannot resist stepping into the trunk and onto that first stair where it leads her to magical truths her mother never wanted her to discover.

His magic is dangerous.

Sean O’Connell has been assigned by the Inter-dimensional Portal Protection Agency to keep Aoife and her mother out of Faery. But when she breaks into the house and disappears through the portal in the trunk—like her mother—he has no choice but to follow her, even though stepping into Faery will force him to face his past. Keeping her safe and out of the hands of the Wizard King also becomes a fight to save Aoife’s life from her own mother, who has discovered a time portal in Faery leading her back in time to alter her past mistakes, putting Aoife’s life in peril. Sean is willing to do anything to make sure she’s safe. Even if it means he has to tap into his dangerous magic to do it.

And now for your Teaser! Here are the opening lines of the book!

Present Day in the Human Realm

An incessant buzzing pulled Aoife Burke out of a dreamy, heavenly sleep. Her hand fumbled on the nightstand trying to silence the thing when a pillow crashed against her face, jarring her from half-asleep to fully awake. She’d been dreaming of wasps humming around her head and was rather relieved to be awake and not being attacked by wasps.

“Make that phone stop already,” her dorm roommate growled. “It’s been going crazy for the last ten minutes.”

Still groggy and trying to wipe the sleep from her eyes, Aoife dropped the pillow to the floor and yanked the cell phone off the charger as it stopped buzzing. When the small screen lit up, she had four missed calls. All from her mother.

Her mother never called her so to have four missed calls meant something terrible had happened.

She snapped to a sitting position, her fingers fumbling on the screen as she tried to get to the missed calls screen when it started to buzz again. She swiped the screen and answered.


“Aoife, there you are at last. I’ve called to let you know that your father passed away.” Fiona’s even tone held no emotion whatsoever.

Aoife blinked, a sudden sickness piercing through her gut as her hand tightened on the phone. She hiccupped a breath and forced her mind to remember to inhale, exhale. “What do you mean he passed away? He’s dead?”

Instant regret and guilt poured through her. She’d skipped going home for Christmas three months prior because she couldn’t stand the thought of her mother giving her a frosty reception. When Aoife turned thirteen, her relationship with Fiona underwent a drastic change, something Aoife had never understood.

“Yes, I’m sorry. He’s gone.” Aoife detected a soft quiver in Fiona’s voice as she answered.

Her parents marriage had been rocky for a while, too, but Aoife naively thought despite all that they would always be together. Tears pooled in Aoife’s eyes as she clutched the phone and gulped in air, desperate for breath. Her roommate, Jenna, moved to perch on the edge of the bed, putting a comforting arm around her shoulders.

“I’m sorry to have to break the news to you this way, but there’s no time, really.” Fiona sniffed so quiet Aoife almost missed it. “Your sister is in Shanghai filming a movie but I called to let her know. I thought you needed to know, too.”

“Mom, wait—”

“I have to go before it’s too late.”

“Too late for what? Mom!”

But the line went dead.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.