#TuesdayTeaser for Mar 11, 2014

A Knight Like No OtherHello, beautiful readers!

This month I’m celebrating the release of the fourth book in the Realm of Honor series, A Knight Like No Other.

The book will be out March 13 but it’s available for pre-order NOW!

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Today’s post features the princess, Sobriel, and her ranger brother, Eldrin. Come back next Tuesday for another teaser and learn more about Drake and Sobriel!

Aye, she would plan her escape carefully. She knew all the ways out of the kingdom without being detected. She had slipped out of the gates on numerous occasions without her brothers or her father knowing. When Lord Kieran had threatened their lives, she had snuck out to join her brother in the fight against his darkness.

She could do this. A small smile lifted the corners of her mouth.

“What are you smiling about?” Eldrin whispered.

Caught. She immediately stopped smiling and gave him a sideways glance. “Nothing, Eldrin.”

“It’s not nothing. You’re up to something.”

“No, I’m not.”

His hand wrapped around her upper arm and he leaned in as they continued ascending. “Whatever you’re concocting, forget it. Father will be watching you like a dragon watches his treasure.”

Her head swiveled in his direction. “What makes you think I’m concocting something?”

“Because I know you. You didn’t get your way with Father, so you’re going to do something foolish.”


“It’s not worth it, nethielle.”

Nethielle. The Elvish word for little sister. He often called her that when he wanted to get her attention. He had it. But what he didn’t understand was it was worth it. He was. Everything about Drake was worth it. Worth the risk. Worth her heart. Worth her life. “But I love him, El,” she whispered.

He clenched his jaw tight and she could see the muscles working there. “I know you do.”

Then what was she to do? Eldrin was right though—her father would be watching her closely. He would know if she was up to something. Such as slipping out of the Woodlands to find Drake. If her father were truly savvy—and she knew he was—he would post extra guards at all the gates. So she would wait until he stopped watching her. Until he was sure she would do as he bid her. Until she was certain she could slip away. Her fear was Drake would have returned to the human realm.

By Michelle

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