Okay. So. I’ve had a bit of romantic turmoil in my life lately which is really no big deal. I have come to a decision – albeit a painful one. Sometimes, there comes a time where you just have to let go. Everything will be okay because, ultimately, it’s the right thing to do.

In other news… My Sweetie Boy and I have been attending church regularly. My boss said to me today that I looked…happy. And I gotta say I do feel more at peace with myself. I’m starting to feel happy about things again. And it has nothing to do with finally having the perfect job/house/relationship. Plus, I can tell the regular attendance to church is making an impact on him and it makes me very happy. I’m glad to see it. He needs the struture and stability as much as I do.

More other news… my editor is quite ill and I’m worried about her. I hope she makes a full recovery and is okay. I did get Round 2 of edits today so I’ll be working on those very soon and getting the done ASAP. Especially since the book publishes November 13. haha

And in yet more other news… I have officially hit the rock-bottom writing slump. I know I know. I’ve had it before. And I will probably have it again. I realized the other day I hadn’t written in – oh – a month or so. And you know what? It’s not bothering me. This is a very sad state of affairs. I need to find my way out and SOON.

But I also discovered something else about my writing. I truly and honestly thing writing hot is not what I really in my heart want to write. Okay, so it sells and it makes me money. That’s all fine and good. I think what I really and truly in my heart want to write is… Young Adult. (Lara, I can hear you gasping from here – we’ll talk!) And not just any YA. Fantasy YA. Can you say impossible market?

I’m still exploring this new idea so stay tuned. I could change my mind in 2.3 seconds and be back to writing my romance books. But in the meantime, I need to take a hiatus. I need to figure out what I’m doing to do. And I’m not going to feel guilty for not writing. I just know this is not working for me now and I have to figure out what will.

That all being said – I have tickets to Loreena McKennitt tonight and my date is an unlikely person. I’m very excited. And not just about the concert. 😉

Perhaps after hearing some live, wonderful Celtic music I will be inspired again. In the meantime…

Mik out.

By Michelle

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