Twist of Fate?

You ever have one of those days that when it’s all over, you sit back and think, wow! WTF? That was me yesterday.

It started off like any normal… no, wait. It didn’t. Sweetie Boy spent the night with me so I had to get up earlier than usual, get dressed, and then get him up and ready to go. I was out the door by about 7:15, headed to his grandparents to drop him off. So I got into the office at about 7:45 which is late for me. I’m an early bird. I make the coffee and usually get the first cup.

Anyway, so I hit the ground running and had lots to do that day to get ready for this big company-wide meeting on Thursday. Um, did I mention I’m the host of this webcast? Yeah, totally terrifying. In the meantime, I couldn’t stop thinking I had to get back to PF Chang’s for my freebie lunch. I asked my coworker if she wanted to go and she said yes. By the time mid-morning hit, I was antsy and couldn’t wait another second. Or maybe that was because I’d had three cups of strong coffee?

I picked up the phone at 11ish and called the restaurant and asked for him. Yep, he was there and I asked him if he was still going to buy me lunch if I showed up. He said he never forgets a pretty face. HA.

J and I head off to lunch which is about two blocks down and four blocks over. I wore my favorite Guess Sally-T’s and my feet are hurting because of them now (I have two blisters). But it was SO worth it. Anyhoo – so off we go and sure enough, there he is. Ya know, he really is as cute as I remember. Thank goodness. Because it was really dark in the place that night and I was afraid I may be remembering him wrong.


So he seats us in a booth and says he’s going to take care of us. And boy does he. We had the pork dumplings for an appetizer and then he ordered us mongolian beef and ginger chicken. Was it good! Of course, he came by every so often, would sit down next to me and talk to us. I quickly earned the name of “gorgeous” which just totally cracked me up. Men are so funny when they see something they want, aren’t they? I have to admit I liked it. I like a man who sees something he wants and goes after it. Confidence is very appealing.

After we collected our to-go boxes, he offered us dessert. We, of course, declined. But he insists on sending something back with us and a few minutes later he arrives with the biggest slab of chocolate cake I’ve ever seen in my life. Six layers of chocolatey goodness complete with a raspberry puree to drizzle on top and some fresh fruit for garnish. Heaven. I hate him, by the way, for making me take that. 😉

He disappeared then and we didn’t see him again. Got the bill and it was ZERO. He made good on his promise. Oh yeah – and he asked for my phone number. Let’s see – what’s the dating rule on how many days to wait before calling? Three? I can’t remember. Doesn’t really matter because I’m not overly concerned. Of course, I want him to and he’s good looking, but my heart won’t be crushed if he doesn’t call. I simply have too much to think about these days.

Which brings me to this evening. I had an appointment with the realtor and the ex to meet at the house at 6:15 so he could look at the electrical panel. He agreed it needed to be switched out and offered to do it if I would buy all the parts. Since I trust him completely with that, I agreed. I know he’ll do it right and I’ll never have to worry about.

However, he did notice some concerning cracks in the ceiling of one of the bedrooms. A very large crack where the wall and ceiling meet. Now, the inspection report notated the foundation issues but I didn’t really think much of it. I’m in Texas, after all, and a shifting foundation is very normal around these here parts. Plus, we’ve had very dry conditions for the last two summers and I knew the house had been vacant for quite some time. The ex said the cracks in the ceiling and the sloping floor were concerning so we agreed we would have a structural engineer come take a look. All I can do it ask, right?

There’s a very large cottonwood tree in the backyard too and several of the larger limbs hang over the roof. Over that back bedroom. I’m going to ask they get that trimmed too because cottonwood are notoroious for weak roots. I’m afraid the thing will collapse during our first thunderstorm of spring.

As we’re standing in the driveway talking about all of this, the strangest thing happens. This guy drives up and asks how much we’re selling the house for. My realtor tells him we’re actually in a contract and are buying. He wants to know the selling price because he’s selling a house one street over. We tell him. He then offers to show us the house. We all figured what the hell and off we go.

It was the most beautiful renovated house I’ve ever seen. Crown molding, new tile in the foyer and hallway, all new cabinets and granite countertops in the kitchen, lovely back porch with curtains, all new light fixtures, new hardware, new doors, jet tubs, HUGE walk-in closet in master bedroom, fresh paint. And the kicker is – they’re selling the appliances with the house. It’s move-in ready. I was floored.

So… after that little excursion… we were standing outside talking about it and – luckily – we got the seller’s name and number. I think we’re going to sort of feel him out and see what he’ll take for the house. Couldn’t hurt, right? I mean, I am pre-approved for a loan…

I’m telling you, I’m getting more gray hair by the moment. I’m just trying to make it to the end of the month. Because I have 25 days left on my lease and I have to be outta here by the 30th. Can you say freaking out? Can you say crazy person?

Thankfully I’ll have enough to do at work the next few days to keep me super busy so I don’t have to think about it. Much. In the meantime, I’m going to try NOT to think about. But we all know how that goes.

I should also mention the only writing I’m getting done is this blog. 😛 Totally sucks. I keep thinking I need more hours in the day. But then again… if I had more time, I’d have more time.

I’m so glad it’s a short week. Oh and did I mention I’m going out of town next weekend? I really am insane…

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.