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Hey, gang! It’s a double-blog day for me. I’m just blogging all over the place. First, catch my Star Struck fashion no-nos at Sole Struck Fashions today. And, second, I’m at Miss Make A Movie talking about upcoming movies.

It’s been one of those weeks for me – BUSY. I finally started reading contest entries. I have two more to read for one contest and then five to tackle for another (and five more on the way for yet another). I’m also writing an article for a guest blog. That will be up sometime next week, I think. I’ll give you the skinny when I get the details.

Soccer has finally started. First game is Sunday. Practice is in full swing. (Hey that was almost a haiku.) It’s supposed to be 80 this week! Crazy February weather.

I got an email from a lady asking me if I wanted to write an article on their online shoe store. That’s a no brainer. 🙂

And have I mentioned I have second round edits of TAKE ME I’M YOURS due on Friday and I haven’t even started? They aren’t extensive so I can probable knock them out in an evening. I just have to get started.

So yesterday evening was about getting my butt in the chair and working away the night. I accomplished a lot, too. Go me!

Anyhoo… I’m on Twitter. I’m not exactly sure I’m Twittering like I should be. I mean, should I Twitter whenever a random thought comes across the brain? Or is there something more to Twittering than that? Is there an art to Twittering? Because, quite frankly, I’m not sure I get the whole Twitter Movement. Maybe some of you have an idea or two on the Twitter-tastic thing I’m missing out on. Please share.

Oh, and hey, I’m looking for guest bloggers. So if you’re a writer and you want to, say, write a little ditty about writing or do a little promo, shoot me an email.

By Michelle

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