I tried really hard to write last night but I only got about 800 words. I was nodding off at the keyboard so I gave up. The last two days caught up to me I think. I will write more tonight and get past that 30K mark for sure.

Today will be busy. I will be in Dallas this afternoon for a work event and then I get to fight all the horrid traffic back across town. Not really looking forward to that but oh well. At least I get to charge mileage. 🙂

Supposed to be 80 today. I wish the stupid weather would make up it’s mind. It’s wreaking havoc on my allergies. I hate the dull sinus headaches. They’re awful. And I can’t take anything because it all makes me drowsy! Maybe I’ll try my kiddo’s allergie medicine…

Anyway.. At least it’s hump day. Right?

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.