Ugly Cheesecake

Quote du Jour:
“I was happy in Shanghai. I had a little house, and a garden. I went to parties all the time in limousines. I HATE being outside. I’m a singer. I could lose my voice.”
–Willie, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

First and foremost, check out Syenlaw’s very cool new blog look (It’s WordPress! Three cheers for WordPress! :bow:) – Voodoo’s Lounge. It’s fricking sweet.

Second, I didn’t get a chance to blog about LOST. So here goes.

A slow episode, but I thought it was very revealing for several reasons. We get to learn how Mr. Echo is the way he is and why Ana-Lucia is such a hard core beotch. We know The Others want the kids but we don’t know WHY and we know they had a list of the survivors and were taking the “good” ones – whatever that means. So I’m dying to know what makes some “good” enough and others not. Like Nathan. Why didn’t they want him? What made him not good enough? Was he not pure? Or just not pretty/handsome/athletic/smart enough? I absolutely HATE that Shannon really is dead, but the suspense is killing me on what Sayid is going to do to Ana-Lucia. Is he going to kick her ass? Next week’s previews looked great. Kate hugging Sawyer – what’s that all about? That beotch doesn’t deserve him after pining for Jack. Loser-girl. Plus – Hopefully we’ll get the reunion with Bernard and Rose!

Baked my cappuccino cheesecake last night for the office Thanksgiving luncheon. I forgot to leave the cream cheese out all day and trying to soften it in the microwave is just never the same. So that was my first folly. Then I had a certain little sweetie boy wanting to help out – he stuck his fingers in the coffee and liqueur mixture. It actually mixed up okay but (a) I didn’t bake it in a water bath; (b) I forgot to put the pan of water in the oven to make it optimum environment (humid) for the cheesecake; (c) because my oven is STUPID, it baked it lopsided and nearly burned it one side; and (d) it freaking cracked all to hell after I refrigerated it. So when I went to slice it up this morning, it made something short of a disaster. Not my best work to be sure and I’m highly disappointed.

Anyway… TGIF. Very happy it’s Friday. Have a ton of work to do so I best get to it. Coming later today – my entry for The Scruffy Dog Review blog (aka The Dog Blog). I need to go finish my entry!

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