Uncluttering the Inbox

In my quest for financial freedom and security, I made another decision. I was going to unsubscribe to everything. I figured the best to keep from wanting stuff is to see it in my inbox and the best way to keep from having it in my inbox is to unsubscribe.

See how serious I am? 😉

It’s taken me about a month to get rid of all the crap I subscribed to. Some of it I kept–like B&N and my stitchery places. Other stuff – Macy’s, JCPenney–I unsubscribed from. I couldn’t even tell you how many lists I’ve removed myself from. I can tell you that my email has gone down significantly. I’m not deleting nearly as much stuff, that’s for sure.

I also get a lot of catalogues in the mail. A LOT. I just trash them the minute they show up because (a) I’m not spending money and (b) I’m not using my credit cards anymore.

Someone tried the argument with me about having “points” on credit cards for travel, etc. But you know? We don’t travel all that much. So why do I need or care about all those points that I’m never going to use? Some credit cards offer “rewards” too. JCPenney for example, has a reward program. If you spend so much during the month, you get $10 off for the next month. But here’s what bugs me about that program – you have to use the $10 WITHIN the month you receive it or it expires. What if I don’t want to? And what if I don’t want to use my card anymore?

As far as the Best Buy rewards – okay I’m down with that. At least with those reward certificates you have a lot of time to use it. Even if it is $5.

I’ve decided that (a) I don’t care about “points” and (b) I don’t care that much about your rewards, either.

Hopefully this “uncluttering” of my inbox will help me maintain some manageability not only with my email but with my spending habits as well.

By Michelle

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