Updates and Such

So the launch of Entangled has been a wild success. We’re very pleased to see so many people supporting the cause. In fact, the anthology actually made it to #2 in anthologies on Kindle! Which is totally cool. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to see it climb higher and higher.

I’ve been doing some blog posts on the release. Most are coming soon but here is one that I was at Monday, in case you missed it. It’s an interview with me about the release of the anthology. You should check it out. I will also be over at Pop Culture Divas and Plotting Princesses this month with posts about the release.

This weekend, the Man had to work most of it and so did I. My weekend was spent in front of the computer finished up the edits for ONE KNIGHT ONLY. Guess what? I got it all done and turned it in three days early. I also wrote my dedication and acknowledgements. My editor gave it another read-through and then it was officially turned in. I officially have a release date: September 29. I’m actually up on the coming soon page! You can check it out here. And my author page is up here. I’m all official and stuff!

Monday I received edits for PHOENIX FIRE so I’ll be working on that next. And in between all of these edits…are more edits. I’m trying to polish up my new erotic futuristic so I can get it in the hands of my CPs.

I have several blog posts due in the next few weeks so that’s on my to-do list for the weekend. Is it Wednesday? My days are all a blur lately. Hope everyone has a super hump day. 🙂

By Michelle

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