Quote du Jour:
“I just left “silent Y” in the bathroom. Oh and P.S., apparently the eighties are back.”
–Carrie, Sex and the City

Wow. I didn’t think I was going to make it through yesterday at all. Major bad allergies. I sneezed my head off all day. But I stayed at work. Managed to make it to the end. At least I’m not contagious and it’s just allergies.

Exhaustion set in about 4, though. With getting up so darn early and then not sleeping well for three nights in a row, it made for a tough afternoon with serious bonking going on. Yeah. I was bonking. Not even coffee could give me a pick me up.

Headed home and picked up DS. The power was out at the in-laws. Seems a squirrel got electrocuted on the high wire. Poor thing. (“You can’t make friends with a squirrel. Squirrels are just rats with cuter outfits.” Carrie, Sex and the City) They got their power up and going a couple of hours later, which was good. At least it was only in the upper 90s today and not a scorcher. Low humidity too. Must be why all the fungus and ragweed is getting to me so bad. Blargh.

Managed to finish the draft of chapter 4 of the rewrite. If I didn’t feel like poo, I would actually be very excited about it all.

Got Karen Marie Moning’s new one, Spell of the Highlander in the mail yesterday, too. WOOHOO. Very happy. Can’t wait to read it. I’ve loved all her other books.

And that’s about all the writing progress I did.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.