Thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s post. It really did help. I get frustrated sometimes with folks who don’t understand there really ARE people who want to be single. Right now, I want to be single.

I’ve been down in the dumps for a while but I got a good bit of news yesterday afternoon. I have hope again. Hope was a really nice early Christmas present for me.

I’m on vacation starting today! YES! I have the Sweetie Boy with me, too, and we’re going to bake and shop and just have some fun.

Yesterday was the cook/bake off at the office. I entered my to-die-for chocolate cheesecake (pictured here – thanks, Jen, for the picture!). The Reddi-Whip kinda melted on top before the festivities began, but it was still good. It’s a chocolate cheesecake with this chocolate topping (sort of like ganache). I used chocolate graham crackers for the crust. I’m told it was delish, since I never eat the stuff. I just bake it. 😉

Anyhoo, there were three categories: Most Sinful, Presentation, Best Tasting.

I won for Most Sinful. And I thought that was highly appropriate for me. hehe My friend, Jen, won for presentation. She made what’s called Dirt Dessert and it’s oreo pudding – you make it in a flower pot and then crush up oreos for the top, gummy worms, and stick in fake flowers. It was so cute! There was also banana pudding, which wone for Best Tasting.

So, I got a gift card to Target for my win. And then the office manager passed out gift cards to Targe for everyone. SCORE! So I told the baby he could pick out two movies at Target – and I’m getting a new hair dryer. WOOHOO!

I also have bank and post office errands to run. Sweetie Boy asked me if we were baking anything and I told him we’d do another cheesecake together – this one a New York style – and that will be for Christmas day at my mom’s.

Christmas has been good so far. Got some lovely gifts from some co-workers and good friends. I’m really really looking forward to spending my first Christmas in my new house with my Sweetie Boy. Thinking about it gives me the heart squeeze.

And with that, I’ll leave you to your Thursday!

Four days until Christmas!

By Michelle

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