VD Part II

(Ew, that title sounds like a disease)

Oh, Valentine. Doth thou pierce my heart with love or is it merely a :censored: heart attack?

Sorry. What started off as poetry turned into something else.

NOTHING has gone right today. Went to the apartment to meet the satellite guy. Long story short, I tried to hook up an old box I already had last week. It didn’t work. They wanted to upgrade me, I told them to forget it. Apparently, they didn’t cancel the service call because THAT’S the guy that arrived today. Figures. I called the OTHER PLACE who shall SBC remain nameless SBC but suffice it to say they are a bunch of SBC :censored: idiots. It amazes me apartment complexes can totally screw with their residents like this. What happened to having a choice? Only one mile up the road I could have whatever service provider I wanted. Instead, I’m locked into having SBC DSL and SBC Home Entertainment. What a bunch of bullshit. What a racket. Now I’m stuck waiting all damn day on Saturday for SBC Home Enterfuckingtainment to send someone out. :yelling:

And the door knob on my bedroom door fell off.

Forgive my ranting. I should count my lucky stars I woke up breathing today and stop bitching. But this isn’t the only thing that’s happened today. I have other issues I can’t go into here. Instead, I’ll let Happy Bunny sum it up for me.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.