Waterline Debacle Update

My AWESOME man fixed my broken pipe! And it only cost me $18. Plus lunch for Man. And a roll of shop towels. Okay, so the total was $42.17. As opposed to $300? I’ll take it.

I KNEW there was another way besides calling a plumber. I just knew it. Man showed up with a hack saw and a shovel and we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. The sucky thing about today was it’s cold and windy (yesterday was gorgeous…what a difference a day makes). He sawed through the Pex, we capped it and turned the water back on… only to discover the pipe UNDER that one…had a hole. Off to Lowe’s I go. Back at the house, he dug it up and when I got back, we made short work of getting the second pipe fixed. Turned the water back on and TADA! It’s all working again.

It took some legwork and some elbow grease and some back-breaking digging, but we got it done. Thanks to Lowe’s, Wayne, Aisle 13, and Man.

I have water in the house. I can flush the toilets. I can wash the dishes.

Life is good.

By Michelle

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