Week 3 #Writing Progress Update

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So I missed my progress update last week. My apologies. It was a rather short week for me as I unplugged for a couple of days and headed down to the gulf coast with the husband. Lovely time, that. But now I’m back to writing and trying to get this novel done. I have SO much more story to tell! I’m nearly to the 60k mark. Which is great, however, I have no idea what’s going to happen next or even how it ends. It’s that Pantser thing coming to light. 😉 At any rate, I wanted to share a little snippet with you on today’s blog.

Did I tell you the title yet? I can’t recall so here it is (and it gives me warm tinglies – I know that’s not a word but it works here):

In the Tower of the Wizard King

OH! I love it. Don’t you?? YES, there is a wizard who is a king. I thought perhaps he would be the bad guy but he’s turning out to be kind of loveable and I really want him to have an HEA. I’m working on that.

And now without further ado… here is your weekly tease. This is a scene with my heroine, Aoife (ee-FA) and my hero, Sean. She mentions bullies – this was something that happened to her when she was a teen and Sean took care of them for her. Enjoy!

(c) Michelle Miles, 2015


“Shh. Let me look at you.”

“You can’t see me in the dark.” But he smiled as he said it.

“I can see just fine, thank you.”


“Shut it, will you? I’m thinking.”

“Does it burn?”

She punched him on the arm, though she liked his playful tone. “I think I’ve always known you were there for me. Watching over me.” She traced his strong, square jaw. “What did you do to those bullies?”

He grinned, eyes still closed. “You don’t want to know.”

“Yes, I do. I really do.”

“Your breath smells like mead.”

“Is that what that stuff is called?” She giggled. “Tasted like juice to me. And I’m losing my buzz.”

“I don’t think you need anymore.”

“No, I don’t need anymore,” she agreed. “I’ll just get drunk on you.”

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.