Week 5 #Writing Progress Update

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Target Completion Date: October 1

I made it through another week of writing! The book sort of stalled a little this week as I ran into a roadblock. It seems I didn’t stop to consider what my hero’s backstory should be. Oops. So I had to stop and rethink a little about his character and the heroine’s. I’m big on archetypes and love to use them to get started on my characters. Two-hundred-plus pages in and I realized – DUH – I need to figure that out. So there will be some revision involved with these two characters but that’s okay. The point is, I have it down now and I can move along.

Here’s this week’s teaser:

A breath shuddered out of her and she dragged her lower lip through her teeth. Oh, he loved when she did that. It drove him mad. He focused on her lips—perfect, red lips—before looking back into her eyes. Her lips parted as if to say something then clamped closed again.

“Tell me.”

“I…” But she broke off and pressed her lips together.

“Tell me what you’re thinking, damn it, Aoife. I’m not going to get angry. I will get angry if you don’t tell me.”

 She swallowed hard again. “I don’t want anything to change between us.” She hiccupped as if that was the hardest thing she’d ever admitted.

The fight when out of him as he relaxed but remained pressed against her. He caressed her face. “I don’t either.”

By Michelle

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