I had a relaxing non-stress weekend and it was nice.

Friday night I worked on the book and finished drafting chapter 10. It still needs work so I’m going to do some edits on it before I more on.

Went to Kiddo’s soccer game on Saturday and those poor boys got creamed. They played a really good Hurst team and the game wasn’t until 2 pm, which is really late in the day. It wasn’t too hot but those poor boys were running for nearly 50 minutes straight. I think I’d pass out if that were me. 😉 Afterward, Kiddo went with his dad and Man came over. We went to dinner at Hoffbrau and had fried pickles. Those things are not only deadly but delish. We stuffed ourselves silly and I got to gawk at hot firemen while Man teased me. hehe

We strolled through the bookstore and Bed Bath & Beyond and looked at all kinds of things we want but can’t afford. Like a $150 stainless steel trashcan. Neither one of us need that but we love it and we want it. Then we headed over to the theater – on a whim – to see if there was anything playing that caught our fancy.

We picked Eagle Eye and OH.MY.GAW. It was so good! That movie totally kicked ass in a major way. We had no clue what it was about or even who was in it. Before we walked into the theater, tickets in hand, I commented that I hoped the movie didn’t suck. When the credits rolled and we were catching our breath, I turned to Man and said, “Hey, it didn’t suck!” LOL

Sunday was a lazy day. I did laundry and lounged around. Started reading Faefever because I couldn’t resist another second. Shh…don’t tell Man. I’ve been forbidden to buy anything between now and Christmas but I couldn’t stop myself.

Okay so it’s Monday. I hope this week goes faster than last…

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.