Weekend Done

It’s hard to believe that when I look at the calendar, I leave for New York in one week. I’ve started gathering things together for the trip and soon I’ll be pulling out the luggage. The husband is taking the week off, too, to get some things done around the house and visit a few of the local museums. I suppose I should get my laundry done so I’ll have something to pack.

I spent a lot of time on iTunes this weekend, spending my birthday money on their 0.69 cent songs. Some of them brought back a lot of memories. Like C&C Music Factory (Everybody dance now…). I also bought a couple of Seven Mary Three and Oleander songs. I’d forgotten how much I liked them! It reminded me of days long gone when I went out every Thursday night. I spent a lot of time as a bar fly in those days. 😉 I also bought a couple of new apps for the iPhone – specifically Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends (I had the free versions but I splurged and bought the ad-free ones).

Our back fence was in sore need of repair (replacement actually) so Man spent a good portion Saturday morning doing that. Then we ran a few errands and had a late lunch/early dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I stitched a little, read a little, and we watched The Mummy which I thought I hadn’t seen but actually had. It’d been so long, I’d blocked the entire movie from memory.

Overall, it was a fairly low-key weekend. I made this buffalo chicken for dinner last night. There wasn’t a crumb left.

Today I’m off to the post office to mail some things and then having lunch with a friend. I will be getting some words in today, too! This post is boring so happy Monday.

By Michelle

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