Weekend Recap

Quote of the Day:
What’s the rule that says you can only buy one pair of shoes at a time? I mean, it’s so arbitrary.
-Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

This weekend, I got my first review on Ransom & Fortune and it’s a good one, too! I am so thrilled to report that my little serial received 4 out of 5 stars. Here’s a quote from the review:

“The Adventures of Ransom and Fortune is the epitome of a serial story short, engaging and full of cliffhanger elements that will keep your attention. I can’t wait to find out what happens next!”


It’s a great review. If you’re interested in reading the entire copy, you can go here.

I’m sure there will be people who hate it but at least for now it’s nice to see someone other than all my friends likes it.

On to other news… the weekend went by way too fast and I spent too many hours wallowing in self pity. I sort of had a breakdown Friday night – like everything had finally caught up with me. I had been strong for so long pretending I’m okay, that everything is fine, that I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I guess it was good for me. I got it out of my system for the most part. Slept like crap Friday night and then had my chapter meeting on Saturday. It went well and our speaker was very informative and interesting. 🙂 (She was, too!)

The SUITE promotion on Saturday went well. It was a lot of hours sitting at the computer, answering questions and posting excerpts but I think it was worth it. I gave away my reader reward points and interacted with no only readers but fellow Inara authors. Then that night, since I was still somewhat depressed, I thought I’d cheer myself up with Raiders of the Lost Ark. Plus it helps me with the serial. Gives me that feeling of high adventure.

Sunday I had a book signing/meeting turned shopping spree at the mall. I spent with reckless abandon. But, ya know, sometimes a girl just need something new. I had stopped in a department store and found this great top that is SO not me. But I loved the color and the way it looked, so I tried it on. It fit and it actually looked good! I guess because I’ve lost about eight pounds over the last several months. It’s a halter shirt in sable. I don’t think, even when I was a teenager or in my early 20s I’ve EVER worn a halter. I put it back on the rack and went to look at shoes. Lo and behold they had these brown sandals, strappy, high heeled. I fell in love with them immediately. The shoe department was very busy so I didn’t get a chance to try them on before I had to meet my friends.

I couldn’t stop thinking about those stupid shoes or that stupid top. And since I had a $10 gift card in my purse for Victoria’s Secret, I figured I should go buy a bra I can wear with that halter and use my gift card. So, $164 later (obviously I bought more than one bra – but I couldn’t help myself. They had such pretty stuff in there and it had been so long since I had anything new…), I’m out of VS and headed back to the department store. I bought the shirt and the shoes. I wish I could find a picture of the shoes online so I could post it, but, alas, I couldn’t find one. I went home with my treasurers, tried everything on and modeled for the cat who seemed mostly uninterested.

I don’t even have buyer’s remorse like I usually do. Even though I know I’ll be super-strapped next month.

And thinking about my money situation made me think about my car situation. My frigging gasoline bill was outrageous last month. I’m forking over more for that car than I am for rent which is bloody stupid if you ask me. I decided it might be time to downsize, which totally depressed me because I LOVE my Tahoe. It’s my dream car. It’s the car I’ve ALWAYS wanted to drive since I started driving. But it costs over $60 to fill up my tank.

My Sysenlaw mentioned she liked the Kias, so I went to their website and I actually fell in love with the Rio5 hatchback. They’re a good value and the reviews I read say they’re a great get-around car. And when you only drive back and forth to work, not in any sort of heavy traffic, it only makes sense to purchase it. Plus it gets 30 miles to the gallon IN THE CITY. I did some research on what it would cost with all the extras I wanted and it’s half the cost of my Tahoe. I’d be cutting my car payment and my fuel bill IN HALF. And gaw that would make me one happy girl if I could have the extra cash every month to pay off bills or whatever.

So I’m calling my credit union today to see if I can get pre-approved for a loan so I don’t have to go through the hassle of finance at the dealership :dead: and then I’m doing all the legwork online to pick out the car I want and then I’m walking down to that dealership and I’m saying, “I want that one.”

Sounds easy, right? But you know – I’ll end up being at that freaking car dealership all damn day. I’m going to look on Saturday and see what they have and if they have what I want.

Anyway – on the writing front – Ransom & Fortune comes out officially on Wednesday! HOORAY! I’m so excited!

By Michelle

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