Weekend Recap

This weekend went by really fast it seemed.

Saturday was my RWA meeting. One of our members was the guest speaker and she talked about grammar – a usually dry and boring subject. However, she made it interesting, funny, and fun. So it was a good meeting.

That afternoon, I rattled around the apartment and did not much of anything. I wasn’t motivated to do anything. I watched a couple of movies and since I was rather cranky from little sleep the night before, I took a nap. Then I went to Barnes & Noble to use my gift card. It was certainly difficult to find something I really really wanted to spend that $25 on. But I did find a book called Dark Protector. It’s the first in a new paranormal series about Paladins. I started reading it that night and I really like it so far.

Sunday was laundry day and Collective You day. We had a blast doing the show. Another one just over 2 hours – which takes us double that to record it. It was a good show, though. Hopefully it’ll be posted on the site soon. I updated the blog and the site last night.

This afternoon I have to take Sweetie Boy for his check up. He’s due shots, which should make him extremely happy. :dead: I’ve got to start thinking about his birthday and what to get him.

I so wanted to stay in bed this morning. I haven’t written a word in days. Hopefully I can change that today, though!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.