Weekend Recap

Movie Quote of the Day: Happy – smile. Sad – frown. Use the corresponding face for the corresponding emotion.
– Kate, French Kiss

First of all, may I just say that I despise people who speed through school zones? It’s my #1 Driving Things That I Hate list.

My training class didn’t start until 9 so I got to leave later than normal. It was nice because I could sleep in a little, take my time getting ready, etc. However, there are about 6 school zones from my house to the sitter and from the sitter to the freeway. URGH. I’m not used to leaving so late, so I’m not used to have to slow down to 20 mph. One school zone – which does NOT have flashers – took my by surprise. I realized I had entered it when I crossed the white line and was approaching a stoplight. I was slowing down for the light so I figured it was no biggie. However, the police officer who turned around thought it was.

Yeah, I got pulled over. I turned the corner and pulled into the Farmer’s Market parking lot. He said I was going 30 and it was in the school zone which is a max of 25. At least I wasn’t flying, thank goodness. He was nice enough, asked me for my license and insurance. He stepped back to his car and came back a few minutes later and handed me my stuff back. He told me to watch my speed and be careful of the zones. I got off with a warning. I was sweating bullets though because a traffic ticket in a school zone is a major fine. So I watched my speed and was careful not to go over the limit in the rest of the school zones while others sped past me like I was sitting still. I was so irked by that. Where the heck was the cop then?

Training just about put me to sleep. I’m convinced I could have learned everything in that two day span in four hours if I had been one on one with the instructor. He was a good teacher with the exception of saying “a’right” after every sentence. It got on my nerves after a the third time. If it hadn’t been for the Starbucks both days I would have fallen asleep (sorry, hon, but I had to have the Starbucks!).

We got done early on Friday – at around three. I headed home to get ready for the pre-conference dinner. I paid bills and finished my cheesecake. I was disappointed that my stupid crust stuck to the edge of the springform pan and nearly destroyed it. >:| It was still a delicious cheesecake but I have half of it left over. I have no idea what to do with it… oh wait – yes I do! I’ll take it to work. They’ll love me for that.

Got home at about 9:30 that night and put the kiddo to bed. I was so tired I couldn’t sit still. I flitted from room to room doing menial things. I ended up watching a movie at 11 since I couldn’t sleep. I really thought that it would knock me out, but it didn’t. Thunderstorms started rolling in about 12:30 and with ten minutes left in the movie, the satellite went out. I was so disgusted I just went to bed. At 1 am, my son came and crawled in bed with me because the thunderstorms were scary. I think I must have finally gotten to sleep around 1:30.

The alarm went off at 6 am and I got up early to get moving. After a shower and getting dressed, I ran up and down the stairs about 40 times to get everything together. I loaded all five baskets, the camera, and everything else into the back of the car and then got my son up and dressed. Too early for a Saturday. That meant another stop at Starbucks. I just can’t resist their vanilla lattes.

Dropped off my son and headed to the conference. I got there early and helped finish decorating. I had a blister on my little toe about an hour in. Anyway, the conference was lovely. I am so fortunate to belong to a great chapter with terrific members. Everyone is just wonderful. I got to know several of them better. I discovered one of the members lives quite close to me and writes in the same genre. She’s reading the novel and I’m very excited to get her feedback. Lots of my chapter members pitched to the editor from Berkley and they all got requests. I’m so excited and happy for them. I should have listened to them and pitched. I could be writing on my pirate regency and getting it ready to submit to her. But I chickened out. I’ve never pitched before and I had no idea what to say, so I couldn’t do it. Maybe next time.

After picking up DS, I headed home to do four loads of laundry. I refused to cook so I went for a frozen pizza, which I burned. We ate it anyway. I was dozing off at 8 and was so relieved when I could put DS to bed so I could crawl under the sheets. I started having another one of those “I can’t sleep” things and was up until nearly 11. Figures.

Got a slow start this morning. DS got up bright and early and I fixed him breakfast while I did the dishes. I had two day’s worth in the sink. I cleaned up the kitchen counter where I had mail from the entire week piled up. I emptied the trash and made a grocery list. It was a nice day so I turned off the AC and opened the windows. Always like that, especially if it’s a chance to keep the electric bill down.

We went grocery shopping and I found the neatest thing. Wolfgang Puck has a new product out. Gourmet coffees in a self heating can. So I figured I’d give it a try. I bought a four pack of french vanilla latte. A little sweet for me, but I liked it. And it really is a self heating can!

It was time for an oil change so I took it in for that. The guy pointed out that it was time for an inspection so I figured what the heck. That way I don’t have to take it back by the end of the month. It passed inspection with no problems but they wanted to sell me $60 worth of air filters. I said no thanks because I just didn’t want to spend that kind of money right now. I figured I’d like DH do that when (if?) he gets home. I got a free car wash, though, so I was happy to get all the little boy handprints out of the dirt on the doors.

Went home and had lunch, watched Toy Story 2. I had to run by the post office and mail something so I figured while I was out, I’d stop by the store and see if I could find a certain movie. Several people have recommended 13th Warrior so that’s what I was looking for. Found it! Haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. I also purchased The Princess Bride. We did watch that this evening since it’s rated PG (the other is R). Since it’s live action, it was a little boring to DS. He was asking for Pocahontas which is out right now. It’s a 10th anniversary edition and they want $22.99 for it. A bit steep but I’ll probably end up getting it anyway.

Got DS in bed early and he went right to sleep. Watched the last half of Desperate Housewives, started the dishwasher and here I am. I’m sad that it’s Sunday evening and the weekend is gone. I was so busy I feel like I didn’t really have much of one.

Got no writing done this weekend, so that’s what I’m off to go do now. I have two issues two get done of the serials tonight. I need to polish and turn them in tomorrow. I hope I can write some on my lunch hour tomorrow. So… of to write I go!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.