Weekend Stuff

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Okay, I’m exhausted. The weekend wore me out. We had to make emergency home repairs to the outside of the house due to a hole and a mouse who decided to take up residence in the wall behind the bed. Ew. Man fixed up that side of the house and we discovered the attic is in serious need of insulation.

I also managed to get some plants repotted. Got the tomato plants and the pepper plants in big pots (since the ground isn’t ready yet for a garden). Repotted my aloe vera and planted more herbs. I’m trying to have a green thumb. Results are still pending. 🙂

We ran a bunch of errands, including going to Lowe’s three time. I swear, I think we should buy stock in that store. We’re there nearly every weekend.

On Friday, Man and I went to Target so I could get Avatar on DVD. They had a combo blu-ray/dvd pack for only $20 so I went ahead and bought that. And THEN they had this blu-ray DVD player that was an open box special for $100 so we ended up with that, too. SCORE! So we watched Avatar on blu-ray Friday night and it was awesome.

Saturday, the kid and I went to Garden Ridge and I found chair pads for the dining room chairs for $20 for four. SCORE again! I was so excited.

That’s about it for the weekend. Just doing lots of errands and home stuff. And now I’m back at work so I can REST. haha

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

By Michelle

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