Weekened Recap

First – a hearty welcome to my new readers from Sophisticated’s blog! :) 

SO! This weekend was fantastic. I mean, it was GREAT. It started off great. And ended great.

Friday night, I had the baby boy with me. Since I promised him I would take him for a lightsaber for good behavior, that’s what we did. After I paid bills. We headed over to SuperTarget and I bought him his lightsaber and a step stool for the bathroom so he can see himself in the mirror. It was fun. We stopped at Chick-Fil-A for dinner.

He climbed in bed with me in the middle of the night with Sparky (a small stuff dog), Blankie, Hops (a small green stuffed bunny from my friend Sandy S) and Hoppy (a blue stuffed bunny my mom). I woke up early the next morning with him snoring next to me and all the creatures in between us.

We got up early and headed to do some banking. I had to go to the bank for the chapter and since it’s Wells Fargo and there’s that logo of the coach and the horses on the sign, the Sweetie Boy announced he wanted to ride in “that thing on the sign.” I thought that sounded like a smashing idea but I have no idea where we can do that and we’re in Texas. So I’m telling him that those things are what people used to get around in before there were cars.

“Wow, Mom. That was like the 1980s,” he said. And he’s 5 – so you know – it’s only a matter of perception. 🙂

And it made me feel super old. I laughed. “Something like that,” I said. And then he said “Mom, was I born in the 1980s?”

I told him no – he was born in 2001. And then he proceeds to ask me what year I was born.


“I was born in 1972, sweetie.”

“WOW!” he said. “That was a LONG time ago!”

Yeah. Thanks. I’m aware I’m old. And I have gray hair and I’m starting to get laugh lines around the eyes. So THANK YOU for the reminder. 🙂

But then, with glee, I explained that his dad was born in 1963. BAHA

Then it was off to Best Buy where I got myself a 250 gig external hard drive and a new USB hub. The guy at Best Buy showed me the externals and if I was going to be using it for backup and other stuff, then I needed to go with the MyBook (which – guess what – looks like a book. It’s totally awesome) and they had just put their 250 G on sale and I should go ahead and get that becuase the 120 were only $10 cheaper. So what the hell… I figured I’d get it. And I had $30 in reward certificates to use.

He asked me what I’d be using the USB hub for and I said, “Well…I have three printers…”


He seemed rather weirded out by the fact I have three and what can I say. I need printers. One B&W, one photo, one color. What’s wrong with that?

Back at home, I got everything installed with nary a problem.

After Sweetie’s dad came and picked him up, I did the marathon grocery shopping. It seems I was out of everything. Since I had a handful of coupons from SuperTarget, I went there first and bought all non-perishable items. I saved about $10 in coupons. WOO! Even the lady who checked me out was impressed. Hell, *I* was impressed because I never ever use coupons.

Then it was on to Wal-Mart where I got the rest of my groceries. I stocked up on wine, too. Bought 4 bottles. Had one that night. It was Black Swan Shiraz and not bad for a $5.00 bottle of wine.

The murder mystery game launched at 7 pm CST as well as the puck dropped for Game 6 of Stars vs. Canucks. I had the game on in the background while playing the murder mystery – which was a TOTAL blast. A good time was had by all and just about everyone that attended won prizes. Thank you to everyone who came and participated. It was a great time. The Mystery Maiden did a smashing job of doling out clues to everyone and it totally makes me want to buy one of her games and have a murder mystery dinner party. hehe

I also discovered, thanks to one of the players (Linda!), that my book is now available for pre-order from Amazon.Com! I am so stoked about that! WOO! I’m on Amazon! How cool is THAT!

So. Be sure an support your local author – that’s me! LOL

My only complaint is they’ve got my name wrong - Michelle, Miles instead of Miles, Michelle – so I need to figure out how to get them to fix it. Hm.

I went to bed in a near-drunken stupor because I’d had just over two glasses of wine (and yes, I’m a lightweight).

Woke up SUPER early on Sunday to go have Spa Day with the gals and OH.MY.GAW. it was smashing. Simply smashing. I wasn’t even aware there was a Four Seasons in town. We even got there via limo service. We were so living high on the hog for about six hours. And we all decided we could TOTALLY be rich and live like that every day. 🙂

I had the lavender spa bath and a lovely manicure. I picked the girliest palest pink I could find for my nails because if I’m going to get a manicure like that, then by golly, I’m going to be ultra-feminine. Hell, I even wore rubber gloves when I did dishes Sunday night because I didn’t want to mess up my nails. Excessive? I guess so when you pay $45 for a manicure. Ha

Got home mid-afternoon Sunday and was just a SLUG the rest of the day. I did manage to get in a few pages on BREAK but I realized I have to rewrite an entire section and I need to plan it out before I do. I need some direction and I have to think about it for a bit. I need some ideas.  

I gave myself a pedicure (not the same as a wonderful spa pedicure, but I did get my feet done) and painted the toenails bright orange. I mean, they are almost day-glo orange. I’m pretty sure they glow in the dark. haha

I cooked myself a light meal of brazed chicken breast in olive oil and had a salad. And okay, I couldn’t resist having some Starbucks Java Chip ice cream. And two more glasses of wine.

All in all – it was a super weekend.

And I sure as heck didn’t want to get up and go back to work today. Was nice being part of the social elite for 2.3 seconds.

I have a tag to answer, but I think I’ll save that for Thursday’s post over at SFC.


By Michelle

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