Weird Day

Yesterday turned out to be…strange.

I’m so thankful the house didn’t sustain any damage from the storm the other night. Driving to work Thursday, I saw billboards literally bent in half and touching the ground. Houses lost roofs and there were downed tree limbs everywhere. Even in my neighborhood. I’m thanking my lucky stars I still have that Guardian Angel watching over me.

After I did a cursory glance of the house, it was off to school and work. Then I had to go to Discount Tire to get my tires balanced. The guy checked them and came back in only to tell me that all four were bald. Hoo.Ray. So that was an unexpected expense. And a big one. I hadn’t expected to buy four new tires right now. But the car had been shimmying and just didn’t feel right. Now, of course, it drives GREAT. And I have a 60,000 warranty on the tires and free rotating and balancing. Still, talk about sticker shock on the tires. CRAP. And because I have high performance tires and a “sporty” package on the car, they were more than I expected. Figures.

I had an appointment with Sears to come out and do an estimate for siding on the house. I have rotting eaves and a gigantic hole in one corner that was covered with chicken wire. Yeah. Not good. Especially with all this rain – it was just getting worse. So the guy came out last night and did an estimate and I nearly had heart failure. $8000 to do the entire house. Um. NO.

The guy, though, was super nice and figured the cost any way I wanted. Plus I’m locked in at that price for a year and I got no payments no interest for 12 months AND two discounts totally twenty percent off. I’m just getting the backside of the house done. The eaves and the soffits will be repaired finally. The NICE thing about vinyl siding is, when I decide to sell the house, I’ll get 100 percent back on my investment. Which rocks. I just hope I can get the front side of the house done next year and then maybe the wall boards on the two sides of the house. It’ll be a long slow painful process but won’t it look nice when it’s done?

Anyway, Sears does gutters, garage doors, and AC units, too. So I guess they’ll be getting a lot of my business over the next few years. hehe

By the time the guy left after doing all the paperwork, it was nearly 9 and I was beat and the kiddo was half asleep. He said he wasn’t tired but I made him go to bed anyway and he was out in 2.3 seconds. I sat up and watched the hockey game – Round 1 Game 1 against the Ducks. I hate the Ducks. I hope the Stars pummel them in this series. Stars won 4-1 but I slept through the third period. 😆

The last two nights wore me out so I ended up crashing before the end of the game (especially with a 9 pm puck drop).

Very happy today is Friday and I have three days to myself. Actually, I have a date with Man #2 tonight and then tomorrow I have RWA and soccer and working on the contest. Got the contest entries judged and back to that other contest so I’m done with that. I’m slowly getting stuff checked off my list.

TGIF, ya’ll!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.