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As I write this – the Collective You has it’s first episode up and running and I’m listening to it. So when you have about an hour to kill, check us out! It’s general bafoonery for the masses! We feature the Collective Lush as well as sports and Literary Nook and Cranny with the Shakespearean Quote of the Week. :hehe:

Moving on…
Since yesterday was such a beating for me a work – of which I will not go into – I decided when I got home I would (a) try on my fabulouso new dress (b) go to Target (c) eat dinner and (d) drink Martinis.

So I did try on the fabulouso new dress and, may I say, it really IS fabulous. Sexy and flirty but classy all at the same time. I love it. Since it’s 97% cotton, I knew I had to purchase an iron. So it was off to Wal-Mart. Except as I was on my way there, I realized Super Target was like way closer than Extreme, I mean Super Wal-Mart. Is shopping at Super Wal-Mart/Target an Extreme Sport? Maybe it should be. But I digress…

Off to Super Target I go to purchase an ironing board and an iron. Found one of each, put it in the cart. I decided while I was there I would get something for dinner, so I picked up a couple of those Red Baron french bread pizzas. Then it was off to get cat litter and head to the check out. But on my way there, I found the 4 quart crock pot was on sale for $17.99. WOW! I had to have one. So in the cart it goes.

I’m off to the check out now and since I have large items, the guy just scans them while they are in the cart. I pay and head to the car. Now, once I get there I realize horror of horrors. I inadvertently stole pizza from Target. The guy didn’t scan my pizza because it was underneath the ironing board. 😯

Giggling, I loaded everything in the trunk and then tried to figure out how to lay down the backseats to put the ironing board in the car. But I couldn’t make it work since I was so discombobulated from the whole stealing the pizza episode. I figured :censored: it and just stuck it in the backseat.

Then it was time to put the cart in the return and the fing thing would NOT stay in the fing return! It kept rolling out back to the driving area of the parking lot.

I ended up cramming it between the :censored: metal pole thingies sideways…jumped in the car…and sped away as fast as I could from Target.

By the time I got home, I was hot, tired, and hungry. And you know what? I didn’t eat those stupid pizzas for dinner.

I did however drink 10 ounces of cosompolitans. :cheers:

Oh and I wrote two pages. :thumbsup:

And that’s enough of this nonsense. :hehe:

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.