What a game!!

My Dallas Stars played Game 3 last night at home against the San Jose Sharks. It was a GREAT game. Very fast paced. San Jose scored in the first period but the Stars held them off until the third when Zubov scored the tying goal. Then, of course, it went into overtime, which is always hairy. But what a game! The second period was amazing. I swear they played for ten minutes straight without a TV time-out or a whistle. Those guys must have had jelly legs. I would have passed out from exertion. 🙂

Anyway, it was Norstrom who scored the GWG. WOOHOO! Now the Stars are up 3-0 in the series and they play again TONIGHT here in Dallas. Go Stars!

In all that, I did manage to get the chapter 3 edits done. Yes! The story has a lot more depth than it did the first time around and I’m pretty excited about it again. I made some big changes at the end of chapter 3 and changed Graeme’s character a little to make him even more likable and the antagonist even more hatable (is that a word? haha).

Now that the kiddo is with me full time, I’m really having to schedule myself. Time management is super key nowadays. But soccer is over until the fall season, so maybe I can get more done. The weeks will really settle into a nice rhythm. That is until school is out. There are only four weeks left! I can’t believe how fast this year went. And then he’ll be in second grade. *sniff* My baby is growing up so fast!

The summer should be interesting. Hopefully I can take some time off and do some fun things with him.

Oh, and I totally forgot to blog about this… my good friend Leigh is getting married! And she’s asked me to be in the wedding…and it’s in St. Johns, New Brunswick! Next May! So I’ve started the process of getting my passport done. I had to order a certified copy of my birth certificate first, though. So that will take about 3 weeks to get. I’m trying to talk my mom into going with me. I think the two of us would have a blast! And besides, when is she going to have another chance to travel? I figured to heck with it – I’m GOING and I’ll just pay the trip off.

However, I will note here that if the wedding had been in – oh – say, December… FORGET IT. This thin-skinned Texan would freeze to death up there. hehe

Anyway, I’m really excited about going and hope I really DO get to go and that my mommy gets to come with me. I will be bugging her for the next 12 months on that. 😆

I’ll be back to Take Me I’m Yours this week and I really need to get on the MAGIC story and get it edited and off to my trusty readers.

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll and… GO STARS!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.