What a Week

I was tagged by Lara on what makes me shudder. Here’s my list: rats, having a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, blood and guts, dirty grocery stores, and relationships.

I’m tagging Sandy J, Dennie, and Amie

Even though it seemed to go by fast…this week really crawled by.

However, I can’t believe it’s Friday. And I have a super busy week again next week. Lots of things happening and going on. It seems I exchanged one drama for another one (and neither one of them I can really talk about here…)

Suffice it is say… HOLY SHIT BATMAN.

Speaking of Batman, the baby boy wants to be Batman for Halloween… even though he was that last year. I can’t seem to talk him into anything else.

“Don’t you want to be Jack Sparrow?”


“How about… Darth Vader?”

“No, Mom. Batman.”

Okay. So Batman it is I suppose. It’s kind of low maintenance though… he already has his costume from last year. haha

Tuesday is picture day and he gets to go to the fire station on a field trip. If I didn’t have to be in Dallas all day, I would so be chaparoning that. Firemen are hot (no pun intended).

Happy Friday, ya’ll!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.