What an Effing Beating…

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Main Street Arts Festival is in full swing in downtown Fort Worth. What this means is…they close off Main Street for four days for this arts thing-a-ma-bob. I’ve never been. I have no desire to go.

So. Since it’s the Arts Festival, it makes traffic a nightmare getting into and out of downtown every day. Joy, oh, joy.

Guess who works in downtown? Yeah. Me.

Guess who also have the drive into downtown where EVERYONE and their mother has to slow down and look at the tornado damage from Friday’s storm?

Yeah. Me.

So. I’m leaving work yesterday a tad after 5 and because traffic is bad, I figure I’d go a different way. What a mistake that was. I ended up driving through downtown for freaking 25 minutes – normally a 5 minute jaunt to the highway! It’s because the road I chose was cluttered with – guess – Arts Festival traffic. Oh, yeah, and freaking construction.


Forty five minutes later, I finally get to the sitter. And the baby boy is crying with an earache. A wail almost. I feel awful for him. So I pack him up and take him to the clinic – which is actually his doctor’s office but they have late hours. I waited about 30 minutes to even get in to see a doctor and there were only two folks ahead of me.

Turns out the baby has ear wax shoved all the way down the canal. And now they want to flush his ear. THAT was an experience, let me tell you. He did okay for the first five or six squirts, then after that it was NO WAY, NO HOW. The doctor came back, took a look, and then used a metal rod thingie (don’t you love the medical terminology? I should have been a transcriptionist) to clean out the ear. That poor baby’s ear was beat red.

It was 7:30 by the time I left there, prescriptions in hand. Off to Walgreen’s and they tell me it’s 15-20 minutes.

I drop off the Rx and, since I was out of cat food, it was on to Wal-Mart. Plus I was out of apple juice and that’s a staple in the household when the baby is here. Then, since we hadn’t had dinner and it was too late to cook (and dangit I was going to make chicken fried steak), I stopped at McDonald’s. Back to Walgreen’s.

It’ll be another 5 minutes before it’s filled. DAMMIT. I’m so tired by now. My feet hurt (thank God for flats), my legs ache, and I was just ready to be home. Then, as I’m waiting for them to call me, this big, fat white trash BITCH gets up to the counter, parks her effing basket in the middle of the Earth, and then her POS white trash kids are running amok.

So. They call my name, I get up to the counter and this POS doesn’t even bother to MOVE HER EFFING SHIT. She stands RIGHT in front of the register at the counter and never moves an effing muscle, all the while I’m trying to pay and get the hell out of there. I was so annoyed by this. Stupid bitch.

I finally got home, ate dinner, unloaded the car, fed the cat, scooped the cat box, did the dishes, and then it was time to give the kid his meds. And that was a fight. So help me I wanted to fall on a sword. I was totally at my wits end by this time.

So I did what any parent would do. I bribed. “If you take your medicine, you can have a cookie and then play you Gameboy for a few minutes before bed.”

It worked. Of course, he made faces and complained the entire time he took both meds – one for the ear and one for the congestion. But, thankfully, he got it all down.

I missed most of LOST so stayed up late and watched it.

Then I passed completely out in the bed.

And no. I got NO writing done. GRR

By Michelle

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