What arctic air?

Quote of the Day:
Traditions are group efforts to keep the unexpected from happening.
-Barbara Tober

Well I’m finally getting around to blogging. This morning was kinda hectic with work and stuff. I stayed late last night and got those nine submittals out the door. I made all the file copies this morning and am trying to get motivated to work on other stuff. I just don’t have the motivation. WHERE is my motivation?

Got home about 7:30 last night to find a note on my door from my neighbor saying there was a man spotted prowling around our building. Nice. Needless to say, I was freaked out all evening. I did manage to watch LOST. It was a good episode but I didn’t think it was all that great. Sayid is a compelling and interesting character and I just think they may have led him in the wrong direction with all the torture stuff. We’ll see. Next week, however, looks GREAT. And tonight there’s an encore presentation of the Grey’s Anatomy that I missed. Hooray! I hope I get to see that.

I made the mistake of laying my head down during LOST. I started to doze off and then Sampson climbed up on the couch beside me and made it all nice and warm and cozy. It’s hard NOT to fall asleep when you have a purry cat next to you. He didn’t stay long and then went to his normal spot under the bed. At least he doesn’t hiss and growl at me any more. He greeted me at the door last night, rubbed on my legs, followed me around. I fed him and gave him a treat. He doesn’t talk much and he mostly keeps to himself. He’s a great cat. Calm, cool, and collected. About the only thing he does that’s annoying is get on top of the dining room table.

The last few days have been difficult for me. I’ve been battling all these inner fears. I’m making myself miserable. I need to stop beating myself up about things and just get over it but sometimes that’s easier said than done. I’m battling bouts of depression. Tuesday was a particularly difficult day as I fought the urge to sit and weep at my desk all day. I’m pathetic. So pathetic I annoy myself. I guess I have this gigantic fear that my son will forget me, especially since I have a feeling that someone else will be entering the picture very soon. Proof that men cannot live without a woman. I need to establish boundaries and quickly before things go any further. And if I happen to create a war between me and my soon-to-be ex-spouse, then so be it.

No writing to speak of and damn do I have a lot of work to be done on the contest. I NEED to read those entries. I looked at the pile last night. I just couldn’t face it. Instead, I laid on the couch and tried to watch the Olympics and promptly fell asleep. I woke up sometime later with David Finfrock saying something about arctic air. Is it supposed to be cold this weekend? I have NO clue and I’m so out of touch with the news and the weather and everything. Guess I better watch some news soon.

Oh… I managed to fix my doorknob. It wasn’t as big a tragedy as I thought it would be. 😆

By Michelle

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