What are you #reading?

This has been a big year for reading for me. I am currently sucked all the way into Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld books. Right now, I’m on #8, The Darkest Surrender. Can I just say – STRIDER = YUMMY. Holy guacamole! Is he hot or what?

Anyway, since January of this year, I’ve read twelve books. Right now, I’m reading two at the same time. Usually, I can’t focus long enough to do that but lately I’ve had no problems reading more than one book.

I started this year off reading the Hunger Games series. In fact, I finished it up with Mockingjay in January. Then I moved on to a craft book – Stephen King’s On Writing. I thoroughly enjoyed that and think every writer should read this book. It’s short and a quick read.

I really wanted to sink my teeth into some paranormal romance or urban fantasy. That’s why I picked up Showalter’s Lords series. I’m also reading Sophie Jordan’s Hidden, the third book in the YA Firelight series.

I’ve also read several books that are out now from my critique partners. Have you read Misty Evans yet? Cuz I have! I got the pleasure of critiquing Sweet Chaos andThe Secret Life of Cranberry Sauce. If you haven’t had a chance to pick them up, I highly recommend them.

So now that summer is about over, what is on your TBR pile for the winter? Aside from reading, my favorite hobby is cross-stitching. I’ll be starting my winter project soon. It seems like the perfect winter activity.

By Michelle

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