What day is it?

Sometime between last week and today, I’ve lost all track of time. I have no idea what day it is anymore and I really have to stop and think hard about it.

Friday I closed and it went okay. I had a few surprises I didn’t like and nearly had a nervous breakdown at the title company. I guess that’s the way it goes at closing — you should always expect the unexpected. But I’m telling you, it was the most stressed out I’d been in weeks.

Saturday started bright and early. I had some help from a good friend of mine and her son getting all my boxes moved from the apartment and the storage unit to the house. I simply could not have done it without the use of a truck. I also started cleaning the house on Saturday as well as put up contact paper in all the cabinets in the kitchen. I even managed to unpack a few things that day. Anyway, friend and son even helped when I bought a desk and hauled it back to the house for me. I just simply could not have gotten it down without them. I would probably STILL be moving boxes had it not been for them.

My very cool black refrigerator arrived on Saturday too. Of course, there was no water to the house because it was turned off at the curb so the guy couldn’t test it to make sure the water line was hooked up correctly.

So that was another thing friend’s son did — he had a wrench and could turn on the water to the house. Do I owe him a six pack of beer or what?

Sunday I moved the cat over to the new digs. I was unhappy about that, needless to say. He hissed and hid for a while. I think he thought I was leaving him there and never coming back. Poor kitty. That morning, the hall bath toilet flooded. Luckily, a mop and a bucket was handy so it contained itself to the bathroom and just outside the door. The carpet got soaked. But that’s not all to that story so more on that later.

The movers came and got all my furniture in one trip. Of course, we discovered upon unloading and arrival of the dry, the cord is the wrong kind. It’s a 4-prong, apparently, and then outlet is a 3-prong. :censored: Aside from that, there were no mishaps. The movers did a great job — nothing broken or scratched.

Afterward, we make a few more trips to/from the apartment and then head over to Home Depot, list in hand. I get a new cord for the dryer (which I installed–even though I nearly electrocuted myself…), outlet covers for the kitchen since one was missing, paint for the kitchen (in that lovely shade of caramel — I can’t wait to paint!), and some other miscellaneous things.

So my friend and her son leave for the evening and I’m there alone, cleaning and organizing and I get a call from My Guy. So we’re chatting away and he offers me take-out (which I simply can’t refuse since I hadn’t stopped all day and I was starving and had no food in the house) and as I talking to him, there’s this horrifying crash. And then a streak of gray and white from the bathroom.

And I thought…oh no.

He says, “What are you doing over there?”

I run into the bathroom to see the cat has knocked the tank lid off the counter. It’s in pieces. But not only that, when he knocked it off, the lid hit the tank and cracked it. So now I have water pouring from the tank all over the floor!

Oh shit. And those were my exact words.

My Guy calmly tells me to shut the water off on the toilet. Thankfully, the mop and bucket was still there so I put it under the leak. I cleaned it up and then said to him, “Save me a seat at the bar. I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

So- that night, I head up to the restaurant, collect my food, have a drink, and smooch My Guy. It was a nice end to a long day.

Monday I got all but a few smallish items. Last night I got all but my two patio chairs. I hope they’ll fit in my car. Otherwise, I’ll have to bug a friend to get them over to the house. Those are the last two items left in the apartment.

It’s still all very surreal to me that I have a house. I’ve been cleaning and organizing, hanging pictures, and eventually I’m going to tackle that desk. It’s in about a million pieces right now and I’m just not sure I’m smart enough to get it together alone. But we’ll see.

Got a call from My Guy last night and met him for drinks. The man knows everyone. And he’s really cute too. Anyway, we had a nice time. I had a lovely Cosmopolitan with Grey Goose Vodka. It was yum.

My phone jacks are still not working at the house which is completely ticking me off. Hopefully I can get that working very soon though because the thought of no phone and no internet makes me have anxiety attacks.

All right this is way long winded. Hope everyone had a smashing weekend. And I can’t believe this month is nearly gone!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.