What I Did This Weekend

First… some business. I failed to post this earlier but I was a featured author over at The Romance Studio. You can see it by clicking here. Also, I was over at Pop Culture Divas last week talking about Hollywood Bad Girls. Check it out by clicking here.

We didn’t do much this weekend. Saturday was Errand Day. I think we spent about two hours grocery shopping but we got everything we needed for our Thanksgiving Day feast. I’m really looking forward to that! Hopefully the turkey will come out good.

We even braved a trip to the mall Saturday. I got an oven roaster. I think I’m going ot be really glad I have it on Thursday, especially since we have other things that have to go into the oven. I also bought the kiddo some new long-sleeved shirts since the first artic cold front will be here later this weeked. Winter has just about arrived!

Sunday we spent the day doing things around the house like laundry and other boring chores. Oh, and watching football. We love our football. I also got some much needed admin work done. It feels good to get that stuff accomplished! Now this week is going to be hectic at work and at home. Next Saturday we’re going to my mom’s for the Big Giant Wallace Thanksgiving that’s sure to be mayhem. I can’t wait. 🙂

19 days to go – EGADS!
By Michelle

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