Wheels Off

This glancing life is like a morning star — A setting sun, or rolling waves at sea
A gentle breeze or lightning in a storm — A dancing dream of all eternity

I just LOVE this new Loreena McKennitt. It’s great. And the above is from one of the songs that is quickly becoming a favorite – Caravanserai.

Tuesday was quite possibly the weirdest day yet. I knew I should have gone home and started over with first I (a) killed the car engine – in traffic - because I “forgot” I had a standard and took my foot off the clutch and (b) got the strangest phone call EVER.

But I was in good company with Best Good Friend who just wasn’t a happy camper either. I guess there was something in the air.

The weird “wheels off” phone call came close to the end of the day. The guy on the other end said, “Hi, Michelle. I don’t know if you remember me but I met you at a GNC about a year and a half ago…” And I’m searching my memory for such an event and recall NONE. I’m say, “WHO is THIS?” and it turns out he was looking for the previous Michelle (who was blonde and drove a Jeep) that worked at that office and in the same department. Yeah. I replaced a gal named Michelle nearly two years ago. Isn’t that nice? It’s a cause for confusion sometimes. Apparently, the dude was looking for her so he could “hook up” with her again. What a sleezeball. I mean – what is UP with these ballsy men who think it’s perfectly okay to call a woman OUT OF THE BLUE with a “Hey baby” attitude?

Men. There are very few in this world that are worth the trouble. Most of them are scumbags. 🙂

Anyway. I finished the galley proof of BEND IN TIME and got it off last night. AND, as I was perusing Samhain’s website last night, I found THIS! WOO! This must mean that art work is not far behind. Yay me!

The chat went well last night – I totally spaced and forgot to blog about it but I did send an announcement via my newsletter group yesterday. What’s that? You’re not subscribed to The Monthly Grind? Well, get thee subscribed ASAP. 😉 Just scroll to the top of the sidebar here or hop on over to my website.

Had the Sweetie Boy with me last night during the live chat. THAT was certainly a challenge and he was a lot of fun. He wanted to know why I was only chatting with girls and what did LOL stand for? Plus, The Romance Galleria (if you haven’t been, check it out – it’s awesome) is all 3-D so the people walk around in a virtual reality thing. It’s cool.

I cooked fried chicken and I can’t tell you how glad I’m going to be when that new stove arrives. This stove is SUCH a POS.

On the writing front, I did get some words in today during the lunch hour on the Neo. Not many, but I got some in. Hey – I’m writing! It’s something at least. 🙂

And it’s Hump Day. What a relief. I’m painting this weekend! The baby’s room will be done by Sunday if it kills me. I’m going to let him help. THAT should be fun…

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.