When Characters Have a Mind of Their Own

I’ve been working away on Rome. I had this major big fight scene all planned out but when I started writing it, my heroine took it in another direction. Not that I’m complaining. It came out really cool I think. It just surprised me the direction it took. The outcome of the book will be the same, though.

I’ve adjusted the word meter (yes! it moved!) because I think it’s going to be about 60k instead of 70k . I’m okay with that. Maybe once I go back and make some edits, it will be a little longer. I like the story and I think Elena is kickass.

On another note…got the yoga DVD yesterday in the mail! I took the night off from sitting in front of the computer for four solid hours and actually did 45 minutes of it and um…it hurt. I hope I get better at that. I have lower back pain every month, but after I did the stretching, I felt much better. It really felt good to stretch those back muscles. If I can do it three times a week, I will have super strong legs and a flat tummy. Which rocks.

Lots to do this weekend and the weather is supposed to be nice. Always a plus. TGIF!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.