When Life gets you down, buy a Corvette

CorvetteThings at my house have been a little crazy. It started with the day we decided we needed to get vinyl siding. Two days after signing on the dotted line for that, the air conditioner broke. That was the same day I was in the middle of painting the kid’s room and we had to finish in the sweltering heat. It got up to 93 in the house because it was a lovely 107 outside. Not the best day for the AC to die.

Then the kid’s ceiling fan died. And I found a nail in my tire.

In the middle of all that, an opportunity came around that was too good to pass up. A guy the husband works with decided to sell his 2003 50th Anniversary Corvette with 44,000 miles on it. My husband, being the kind of guy he is, sent me the email and told me I could afford it and I should go for it since it was my dream car. I have such a good husband. It sent my brain into a tizzy. I had a lot of questions about what to do with my current vehicle and how to secure financing, etc., for the other one. My husband said, “Worry about details later. Just do it.”

Well, I’m all about details and practicality. But for once in my life, I decided to hell with that. The same time I was in the middle of deciding what to do, my key fob/remote completely fell apart in my hand. Hubby said it was a sign. I think he was right.

It was a Wednesday. That afternoon, I applied for a loan with Wells Fargo. By Thursday, I was approved. I signed papers on Friday and FedExed the check to the owner for Monday delivery. By Saturday the following week, husband and I got on a plane to Houston to pick up the car. The previous owner babied the car – there are no dings or nicks or anything on it. He gave us swag and a box full of cleaners. And even though he was sad to see it go, he was happy it was going to someone who could appreciate it for the machine it is.

I have never driven anything so powerful. It kind of scares me just a little. But only a little. 😉

We drove it home from Houston through back country roads. I got brave and punched it up to 90. The car is so dang powerful, I was really afraid it would get away from me. So I’m still tentative with it. BUT I can say it handles really well. Hugs the road and the corners. It was built for that kind of driving, not to sit in a garage. I plan to drive it.

And my husband plans to take care of it. He spent three hours in the garage wiping it down with loving care. The car lives in my garage now. Sometimes I peek out the door just to make sure it’s still there and I didn’t dream it all. It’s still there and then I giggle and shut the door. Husband shakes his head.

But I love that he was selfless enough to tell me I should get it. Heck, he had to talk me into it. I’m really glad he did.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.