When people put on their asshat…

Okay – first… yes, I’m testing out some new layouts because I’m BORED with the other. What do you think of this one? This is NOT how I want the header to look. I’m trying to figure out how to change it but I ran out of steam last night.

I really get sick and tired of people being assholes just for the sake of being an asshole. It ticks me off completely. As I was driving home yesterday from class – on my way to get my boy – I exited the freeway, just like usual. There’s a stop sign, which I turn left at. Which ALSO has two left turn lanes – an inside and an outside. I turned left from the OUTSIDE. The Bitch in the POS car next to me turned left from the INSIDE.

To ME that means, you stay in your respective lanes when you turn. OH NO. Not this POS. She nearly hits me! She pulls into the lane I’m in (the right lane, mind you) so I honk. Quite a lot, actually. And then she has the nerve to wave to me in her rearview mirror.

There are some things that can send a person into a rage. THIS was one of those things. I was TICKED. I immediately called her every colorful metaphor in the book while flipping her off. Yes. I did it. I normally do NOT do that sort of thing, but I was completely angry at this point.

To make matters worse…the dumb bitch drives down the road a ways…and then casually moves over into the left lane…and turns left at the light.


I couldn’t believe it! She knew DAMN well what she was doing when she did it! It was like it was on purpose. Like she had conveniently IGNORED the sign that said you could turn left from both lanes. I was so angry at this point, I think I saw red.

And then… I thought, “Oh, screw her. She’s not worth my anger,” and blew it off.

Still. She totally had her asshat on.

Flash class was good. I learned lots. I actually had a good time and I asked LOTS of questions. At one point, I told the instructor to carry on. I’m not sure if he got my sense of humor or not. hehe There were only two other folks in the class, which made it very quick and kinda intimate. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the website and working out some things that were giving me headaches before. PLUS, I’ll be taking level 2 next month, so I’m really kinda looking forward to that too.

And, hey, if this writing thing falls through, at least I have a Fall-Back Career! *snort*

By Michelle

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