Where are the updates?!?

I’m a sucky blogger lately. I know you’ve all been holding your breath wondering when I’m going to update the blog with an actual post from me that has, you know, words and stuff. I have a good excuse for not posting, though. I’ve been busy! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Who isn’t? But I really have been! I received edits on my second Ellora’s Cave book before the Labor Day holiday weekend. I’ve been working on getting them done and ready to return. They were actually fairly easy. Thank goodness I have a great copyeditor (hubby) and awesome CPs. Anyway, I’ve been working very hard on them and managed to turn the book in two days early (it was due today).

I’ve also been working on book three in the series. I wasn’t sure if I would write a third book but there were too many threads left hanging in book two. Plus, I kinda like writing a romance for the ice queen, Maeve. She’s going to be fun to break down. I’m not sure where I’ll go from there after finishing this book with these Fae characters. I’ve been thinking I might want to write about the Elves in the world, but a story has not presented itself yet. And Sir Drake may be due for his own book since he’s smitten with the Elven princess. But I haven’t really settled on what to do next for EC.

What else have I been doing…let’s see… I’ve been plotting and brainstorming on my secret project. This one I’m really excited about. I mean like really really excited. And I’m actually going to plot this one! Shocker of all shocks. For our first anniversary (paper), the husband gave me a really awesome leather-bound journal and I’ve been writing the story by hand in that. It’s been nice to free write and not worry about rules or anything. Plus I have another spiral filled with notes and research ideas for it. It’s a series I know that for sure. And it will be something very different than my normal romance stories. In fact, I’m considering using a pen name for it.

This weekend I’m off to my writers retreat. Looking forward to that!

And that’s about all I know about that. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.