It was a day! :hyper:

I am just now getting around to blogging for the day. One proposal finally got out the door – but I have to confess I didn’t do much on getting it there. Except help to collate and do the packaging. Which is fine, too. Worked on the cover for the federal proposal, emailed Sysenlaw, and then set about typing up seventeen pages of project descriptions. Which actually only took me about two hours – that’s what 100 wpm will get ya. 😉

The company I work for has NEVER in the history of the company (that I’ve been there anyway) given us the day after Thanksgiving off, paid. You had to work, take it without pay, or burn a vacation day. This year, they decided to give it to us as a paid holiday. Needless to say, I’m happy about that because now I don’t have to use up a vacation day for my holiday.

The day after Thanksgiving is typically the day I start getting the house ready for Christmas. We did some shopping this weekend and got the Sweetie Boy his “big” gift. You know – the one from Santa. It’s an electric ride-on John Deere tractor with trailer. Wal-Mart had it at an exception price and we didn’t have to pay shipping. See, originally we were going to order it through Toys R Us/Amazon, but they wanted to charge us $115 for shipping. Plus, the ride-on tractor itself was $80 MORE than what Wal-Mart had it for. Sha, as if.

Anyway, so we are knocking out the gifts but we still have a LONG way to go (and a short time to get there… yes, I know that was from Smokey and the Bandit). I ordered a couple of gifts online for Sweetie Boy and then I got a couple from my good friend who owns Literati. Check it out – she has BEAUTIFUL stuff.

We’re trying something new for Thanksgiving – we dropped off our turkey at Colter’s to let them smoke it for us. They’ll do it for only $1.00/pound. It’ll be ready Wednesday, which is also the day I’ll be baking cheesecakes for the family. My entire family is getting together Thursday and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone. It’s going to be GREAT.

Had Red Lobster for dinner since it was the last day of Endless Shrimp. I am SO stuffed! Hopefully, I’ll get to blog earlier tomorrow.

By Michelle

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