It’s still hot out there but at least it doesn’t seem AS hot as it has been.

This morning, I slept until 9. It was glorious. Even then I didn’t want to get up if the phone hadn’t rang. I finally got moving with two cups of coffee and a shower, ran some errands, and then came home and cleaned out my storage closet on the patio. I needed to make room for the futon since I got the new stuff. I want to keep it. When my brother and sis-in-law were here last weekend, my brother dismantled it while sis-in-law and I laughed ourselves silly stuffing the mattress in the coat closet.

Yes, it’s really in there and the futon is in pieces in the outside storage. Which is completely packed with all my shit. I am 100% moved out of the old house, now, which is good.

I’ve been thinking about NGD for the last few days and have finally come to a decision about what’s wrong with it. Now that I know and I can begin constructing a new plot for the story. Though what that is, I have no idea. I asked my friend what the title “Nice Girls Do” meant to her. One of the things she said was “Nice girls get fed up and say f*ck it.”

It made me go hm.

I will continue to tinker on this one. In the meantime, I’m getting back to One Knight Only.

Oh! And I have something else in the works, but not ready to announce that yet. I should know something for sure in the next couple of days. 🙂

Think I’m going to go get an ice cream bar and get back to work. Happy Saturday everyone!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.