I’ve been busy and tired the last few days. I’m still working on my RWA contest and very close to getting the entries out. My goal is to get that done this weekend – without fail! And then I need to get hte chapter newsletter together. And my personal newsletter as well. So, lots of time at the computer this weekend.

Thursday morning was a challenging one. We had one ordeal after another, the Sweetie Boy and I. First, he didn’t want to wake up because the night before he stayed up playing until 10 pm. Then, I finally get him somewhat awake. I somehow forget he has bunk beds and raise up only to bash the crap out of the back of my head. Yeah, I saw stars.

Then when he was going potty, he managed to scratch the devil out of his leg with his fingernail. I have no idea how he did it, but it was catastrophic. Things like that are when you’re five.

I got him to school on time, but then traffic was a nightmare getting to work for me. My normal 20 minute drive took 45 minutes. Because it was raining. Sheesh.

By the time I left the office, it was SNOWING! Again! In North Texas! I mean, what is UP with that? This has been the strangest winter yet.

So the cat’s new thing is every night when I cook dinner, he perches his little self on the corner of the couch. I have an open concept for the living/dining/kitchen. The stove faces the living room. I like to drink wine and watch the news while I cook. Anyway, you can see him here, perching on the corner and eyeballing the food. Last night I oven-baked butterfly chops and let me tell you, he was practically salivating at the sight of them. Can you see the little tail there? It was flicking back and forth. And he was staring RIGHT AT that meat every time I moved it to dip it in the egg and then the breadcrumbs. It was like he was thinking, She’s going to turn around in a minute and that’ll be my big chance. So every time I turned my back to wash my hands, I had to keep an eye on him. Yeah, he’s a sneaky little devil.

And he’s decided to take up residence on the baby’s bed while we’re gone. Or mine.

I’m a little disappointed in this litter box I bought. It was nearly $30 and I have to say it’s not all that great. It’s a dome shaped, covered, with little steps leading into the box so when he comes out, the little steps will catch all the loose litter. That part works. However, the litter liners suck and I have a hard time getting them to fit properly. I’m going to give it a little while longer, then I might have to switch back to the old uncovered box. Which means I’ll get a Poop Update from the Sweetie Boy. “Mom, Sampson’s hiding his poop again.”


I’m glad it’s Friday. I have a lot to do this weekend and it’s going to be COLD. VERY cold. I need to stock up on some firewood tonight on the way home. I have plenty of stuff to make potato soup and chili, so I’ll probably have that for good eats this weekend.

That’s it for me. Time for work and school. Happy Friday!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.