I had a somewhat hectic day. After the morning brunch with my RWA group, I came home and did some very important chapter business. The winners of our contest have been announced! Congrats to all the finalists!

Then I went grocery shopping. I had lots of $1 off coupons from SuperTarget. And then I went to the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. Why is it – when you shop at two places, you seem to spend more than you normally would? HM. I spent way too much money on groceries but I’m fully stocked now so I shouldn’t have to worry about running out of stuff. At least for two weeks. Right? 😉

I came home sweating to death because it’s so freaking humid out. Unloaded the groceries, got everything put away, and then made a simple dinner. I cooked a chicken breast in butter, threw together a salad, and garlic toast…and two glasses of a very lovely red wine. It was divine and much needed relaxation. Oh, and I also watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I so love that movie and it’s been YEARS since I’ve sat down to watch it.

Saw The Man last night and while I was waiting for him, I actually wrote three pages on The Book. I think this is tremendous progress. 🙂 Of course, these three pages may not stay IN the book…not good progress…

I really wanted to go to Ikea today, but I never made it. Too much to do. Tomorrow, I want to get a ceiling fan up and some laundry done. But you know, I’m still thinking about Ikea. 😀

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.