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Last night was…scary. Tennis ball sized hail in the western counties. And there was a touchdown of a tornado north of Aledo. I watched the weather from 6:30 until about 8. We only got heavy rain. None of the bad stuff of high winds. Thank goodness. I was worried we’d have huge hail and it was making me a nervous wreck.

I had unplugged the computers, much to the disdain of my son. He had so wanted to play on the computer last night but I was afraid we wouldn’t have much time to get ready if the storm hit.

Once the cool front moved through last night, my allergies started getting better. I’m still tired from restless sleep but at least I can breathe easily.

In other news, yesterday was a pretty good day. The Stars won! Which puts them 3-1 in the series. Now it’s back to Anaheim where I hope they finish the series and get it over with. Then we can say bye-bye to the Ducks (whom I detest).

I also got some comments on my WIP I’m working on and they were really helpful. I’m trying desperately to get back to writing and am doubly my efforts. Maybe next week I can actually get some done. I’m failing miserably so far in my 5 manuscript goal.

I have some other things brewing but I don’t want to blog about them yet. I should know something early next week, though. I know, the suspense is killing you. 🙂

I have a luncheon today at the school thanking us “volunteers” for our time. I’m so glad it’s Friday. Tonight the kiddo is with his dad so I’m going to do some catching up on stuff at the house. And get some rest. I so need it.

By Michelle

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