I finished updating the sidebar on the blog! Yay!

Instead of having the books listed in the sidebar, they are now located on their own page. Isn’t that cool? The link is also at the top of the page of this blog. Also, I added an About section. I thought, you know, I should just in case someone from the outside world managed to hit my blog before hitting my website.

So what do you think of the new design? I have to say I really like it. It looks clean and tidy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the coffee cups at each entry. It is SO CUTE!

This week was a monster. Monday and Tuesday were spent learning Flash in training – which was really great, actually. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. It was nice to get back to the office on Wednesday but I literally hit the ground running. I had to help get a proposal out the door and ended up working until 6. Raced home, cooked dinner on the grill, and then hung out with the kiddo the rest of the time. Thursday it was off to the dentist and then to work after. I got stuck in a meeting until nearly 7 so I didn’t get home until nearly 8! Man came over and we hung out until we both crashed. Well, I crashed, he managed to somehow stay up a while. Of course, he is a night owl.

Today…well, it was long. Had an excellent meeting today but didn’t get back to my desk until nearly 2. Then had lots of things to catch up on. After work, I got my hair cut. YAY! It feels – and looks – so much better.

This evening was quiet. I chatted on the phone for nearly an hour with Man (amazing, we see each all day yet we STILL manage to talk to each other for an hour on the phone!), and then chatted with a girlfriend for nearly an hour on the phone. I guess I was chatty tonight. Email chatted another friend for about an hour or so. And I still need to call my mother and chat with her.

Tomorrow morning is my monthly RWA meeting. And then sometime tomorrow I have to grocery shop (yuck) and THEN… I don’t know. The day is mine. I may do something wild like…go to the book store and get my free coffee. Yeah, I walk on the wildside all right. 😉

Okay it’s off to bed now. Happy weekend!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.