What a hectic weekend! I’m glad it’s over. I think. I had to come back to work so I could rest.

Saturday morning we had soccer practice and I nearly melted at the field. Afterwards we headed to my mom’s where we visited for a couple of hours. We cooked dinner and it was yummy. Nothing is better than dinner at Mom’s!

Got home and I literally fainted on the couch. I dragged myself to bed where I immediately passed out again. The kiddo woke me up early on Sunday. We got up, had breakfast then bought groceries. I really HATE buying groceries sometimes. Especially when I’m so dang poor. After we got home and unloaded groceries, it was time to head to the birthday party. It was at this place called Amazing Jake’s and there were TONS of activities for the kids to do. Arcade, rock wall, laser tag, miniture golf. After three hours of that, I was tired. Headed home and kiddo went with his dad for dinner. I ran around like a crazy person. The knobs in my shower busted so I had to replace them. The man at Lowe’s so was helpful and nice. I know I’m going to have to rip that entire stupid shower out someday but I’m trying to hold off at least one more year.

Came home, did laundry, cooked myself some dinner. Kiddo came home. Put him in the tub and then got him in bed. I collapsed shortly after.

Today is the first day of second grade for my kiddo. I hope he has a great day and an even better school year.

Very short post here as I’m running. Still.

The city has my street torn up right outside my driveway so it makes it rather difficult to get in and out of it. I hope they finish that mess today and get it out of the way.

Oh and come back tomorrow for a big announcement! 🙂

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.