Just wrote a steamy love scene for Ransom & Fortune. These characters have such a love-hate relationship it was only right their love scene was hot and heavy. Damn… now I need to step back a bit and give myself a break. Next issue will be about afterglow and how she deals with the conflicting emotions making love with this man.

I am so glad it’s Saturday. It’s a beautiful day! I went to the bank and got the oil changed in the Jeep. I hate getting the oil changed – that’s a man’s job. I was the only female in the place, too, and listened while the men talked about car insurance and construction and diesel engines. I was glad to get out of there. Headed home and saw a yard sale on the way. They were selling this thing called a Playscape – it’s by Little Tykes. It looks like this:

Little Tikes

Anyway… this thing nearly kicked my ass while I was trying to put it together. It took me 45 minutes. Definitely a two person job, but it was just me so I had to figure it out. After I figured out how the sides snapped into each other, getting the base in for the slide was interesting. Using legs and feet and hands and arms, I finally got the thing put together. It was a job. But my son loves it and I got it for a steal so that’s all I care about.

Been doing laundry and boring household things. I’m about to take off and fill up the water bottles, feed my in-laws dog and check on their house while they are out of town and then it’s back to the house to cook dinner and work on the baskets.

Dang it took me about two hours two write that one issue. But it was soooooo worth it.

Got a terrific recipe from FoodTV for apple crisp. I printed it off and can’t wait to try it. It makes 10 servings, though, so it’s going to have to be a big gathering. Or maybe I could cut the recipe in half and make it. It just sounds delicious. Made my mouth water when I saw it this morning on the show.

Contemplating going grocery shopping. I should and get it out of the way. I’m out of merlot, so I can pick up a bottle if I go tonight. Perhaps will get my list together and get on with it.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.